First Outdoor Session of 2011

w00t! w00t! and more w00t! Awesome First Outdoor Session of the season, complete with… Vagina!

You can always tell when Spring hits Columbia, because the Hack Man is sure to bloom on Speakers Circle. I was properly stoked, and properly prepared. Even my very first outdoor rally of the year was pretty decent! This Vagina Rally wasn’t even my technically best or longest taped rally, either. It just got the most Vagina.
I had a great time kicking while the ladies were promoting their thing. The wind might have been a little crazy, but It wasn’t giving me any trouble. I mean, who can argue with getting to play footbag on a nice day, while women are chanting “Vagina!” around you? It’s actually great to see people working to end violence against women, and I’m happy I got to be a part of that today. I also think the Vagina Monologues are a great way to bring some realism to sexuality and relationships in a way that dissipates violence and coercion. 
This is important, guys. Never mistreat the ladies!
2:30 / 9:30 – Thanks for tuning in!

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