CoMoSnowPocalypse (and footbag)

Columbia Missouri USA saw it’s 2nd biggest snowfall on record on February 1st, 2011 – 17.7 Inches.

So, I built a sled run in my backyard!
Oh, I got my picture in the local paper for building a crazy snow sculpture on Sunday (it warmed up a bit) too:
I have no idea how much snow and ice I’ve shoveled over the last week, but… it was a lot. Not only did I shovel a large portion of about 200 ft of driveway, but I shoveled that much more in my back yard making my sled run. And I shoveled plenty more to make that snow sculpture. I shoveled so much snow that my back has been completely brutalized, and my hands and wrists hurt like hell. 
But that didn’t stop me from playing footbag too.
I’ve put in 2 sessions so far this month. Thursday the 3rd saw me barely able to drag myself to the Secret Hideout. I had done so much stomping to pack and cure my sled run, that my legs were just dead. I won’t bother to enumerate all the moves I couldn’t hit. Let’s just say it was an ugly hour of footbag. 
Yesterday’s session started kinda rough too. Reference my midsession tweet: @h4x354x0r: “Iz feelin teh pains of oldz agez wurs n EVAR!!!1!!1! Playing. Through. It.” 
All the body’s aches and pains from cold weather, wrecks on the sled run, and brutal snow shoveling, grooming, and packing work made almost every joint in my body ache. It really was the worst “Old Age” pain I’ve yet felt during a footbag session. But I’ve learned to trust the magic of footbag warm-up. I played through it. It’s been long enough since I ran the poor man’s snowblower that my back was feeling better, and my legs had a little bit of energy. I was rewarded for my effort.
I finally washed my footbags, too. What a difference that makes! It transformed Mutt back into a nice, fluffy, well-behaved bag, from the misshapen, lopsided wretch that it was. It helped break in Prissy a little more, too. I’m actually back to switching back and forth between footbags (Prissy and Mutt) during my session again. They are very different footbags. I figure the variety of interchanging such different bags helps in the long run.
This most recent session saw a full hour and a half, and I would have done more if the cleaning crew hadn’t shown up. Like an idiot, I got a late start because I got sucked into surfing discussion boards on the internet. I am addicted, and I curse it. Even though I got cut short by the cleaning crew, I feel like I did OK. My best counted strings were 23 tiltless with Prissy, and 21 tiltless with Mutt. 
I use tiltless string counting in the winter in the Secret Hideout to motivate me. When there’s people around, I’ve got no problem with motivation. But solo shredding, I need something. So I force myself to go for tiltless strings. My goal is to hit at least 20. When I’m playing well, that’s easy. In times like this, just trying to hit that magic number can consume most of a session. But it forces me not to slack too much.
Nex up: Weather forecast here is for 60 degrees F. next Thursday. If it’s nice enough for outdoor footbag, I’m taking the afternoon off work and doing some kicking. I hope the huge piles of snow melt enough that there’s not just snowmelt wetness everywhere. The knuckleheads that designed the drainage in Speaker’s Circle did a lousy job. Snow piles from one side ooze right through the middle of the circle, making the area useless for footbag until it’s all melted and dried up. I’m anxious for spring, and to kick out side again. I guess we’ll see. 
1:00 / 1:30 / 7:00 – Until the next session, thanks for tuning in!

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