Resetting the Counter for 2011

Happy New Years peeps!

I’m not immune to the irrational New Year’s Resolution thing. But, I like to call them “Goals” instead of resolutions. In the true spirit of OCD, I’m basically re-stating the same goals I set last year. Zone out for a moment, while I re-hash:
2010 Goal: 60 hours of footbag: I did 71. Very pleased with that. New goal? 60 hours. OCD has a name. It’s “h4x354x0r”. But this year I will celebrate my 30th anniversary of playing footbag, by… playing footbag! I hope.
2010 Goal: 3,000Km on the bike: I did 2,515. FAIL! But, I suffered the worst bike breakdowns, EVAR!!1! And, they closed my favorite lunchtime bike ride route all summer. Bastards. This year, the trails will suck. The money to maintain them has run out. I’m planning some vigilante trail maintenance this year. But I expect to meet my cycling goal.
2010 Goal: Be more affectionate with the Wife: ?!? Very conflicted on this. It seemed like it was working out, until the start of the school year. Suddenly, we were both going different directions at the same time. Pressure to deliver children to two different places at the same time conspired to rob us of our 24-year tradition of kisses and hugs every morning before we parted. Major. Negative. Impact.
2010 Goal: Maintain my anger-free outlook. ?!? Again, worked out great for the most part. But I always get edgy around the holidays, and this year was no exception. I should be satisfied I didn’t completely blow a gasket, what with a 3rd year of no pay increase (but basic living costs going up), the suck-ass pressure of having kids in school. The 2 times this year I did get truly angry, OMG! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I just can’t do that anymore. Fuck that Goddamned anger shit, you hear me?
For 2011, I only carry over the footbag and bike mileage goals. Well, I also tweeted, “Do more fishing.” Considering I only got to go fishing 3 times last year, that shouldn’t be hard to beat. I hope. The rest? No promises, no goals. I’m just gonna deal with it a day at a time.
On to footbag, the primary purpose of this blog. Today marked my 1st session of 2011. I had a chance to play footbag at the MU Rec center (they’re running a ‘trial membeship’ promotion), and at first I was really stoked about it. I’d be able to bring my camera in, and make a footbag blog video. But then, I realized I probably couldn’t bring my boombox in. Music is to my footbag, as breathing is to life. So, I bailed on the Rec center thing, and went back to the Secret Hideout. I can’t film in the secret hideout, because it wouldn’t be so secret anymore. So, no hassle of setting up a camera, and plenty of music!
It was a fairly average session, but I did hit a 30-contact “tiltless” string. “Tiltless” means a difficulty level of 3 or greater. In footbag, each aspect of difficulty is called an “add” becaue each thing beyond a basic kick adds a difficulty point. Stalling the bag on the foot (instead of just kicking it): 1 “add”. Going around the bag (a leg-over): another “add”. Spinning or doing a “cross-body” (touching the bag on the left side of your body, but with the right foot), another “add”.
To be honest, there are young punks that make me look like I’ve got broken legs. For every time I can go around the bag once, they can do it twice, maybe 3 times. The average difficulty level among today’s elite footbag players is over 4; mine is barely 2. OTOH, here I am, throwing down my own gauntlet: “OK, punks, keep that up for another 20-25 FUCKING YEARS.” Few athletes are still active in their sport at 47. I am. I have no intention of quitting.
I put in 1:30 tonight. That brings me back to the blog’s title: resetting the counter. It’s always a bit of a bummer to do that, but it also renews the drive; fuels the fire. At the end of almost every footbag-centric blog post, I end it with a line thats [today’s time] [year’s total time] Thanks for tuning in! So…
1:30 1:30 Thanks for tuning in! 

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