January Footbag Recap

Since last post, I played a week, skipped a week, played a week. January’s total comes to 4:30. It’s odd sometimes how the sessions go. This week, I started out really weak; I could have skipped the first hour and not lost much. But the last 30 minutes came together, and I hit some decent strings. The session before that, I came out of the gate smoking hot, but totally fizzled the last 30 minutes. 

It is very hard to get motivated in the winter. All told, the Secret Hideout is a great place to kick. But I can’t get started before 8pm. The cold makes it very difficult to do the whole thing by bicycle, so I end up riding home, trading for the car, and the typical sidetracks I deal with at home. With all the setup and breakdown time on each end, it’s 10pm by the time I’m done. I get tired sometimes.
An hour and a half shred session consumes my entire evening. It’s a stark choice; I get one free evening a week, and I must choose between playing footbag, or anything else, including visiting friends. So, I don’t see much of my friends. Someday, this will change. Be patient, old man.

Speaking of old men, one of my footbag friends Scott Davidson from Chigago Illinois has just completed 1500 consecutive days of playing footbag. Since I can’t do my own video from the Secret Hideout, I’ll share his instead. Enjoy!

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