Happy New Year!

Here’s the wrap-up for h4x354x0r’s footbag in 2010: 
Total number of kicking sessions: 43 (I think, not certain about that)
Total hours kicking: 71
Estimated total contacts: 40,000
Estimated add contacts: 25,000
Estimated total adds: 50,000
Number of Journalism student projects done on me: 4
The high point: July 1st (averaged ~60 secs per rally) 
The low point: July 29th (talk about a nosedive…) 
The best part: New City Hall and it’s “Hack Key” sculpture 
The worst part: Speaker Circle getting torn up: 
The funniest part: Getting busted on New Speaker Circle 
Honorable mention funny: Girls volunteer some “shakin it” for my camera (very end)
Looking ahead at 2011: This new year will be  very special for me and footbag. I will be celebrating 30 years of playing footbag! There may be a whole bunch of young punks out there that can make me look like I’ve got broken legs, but there’s some weird old dude, who’s not wearing a shirt, challenging all those young punks to keep at it for another 20-25 years. 
My 2011 footbag goal will be to play at least 60 hours of footbag. My 2010 goal was 60, but I did 71. However, I think I got a little bit lucky, and all those times I pushed my sessions past 2 hours added up. Also, I plan to keep up my footbag blog. I’ve been at it for over 2 years now, and have about 70 footbag videos posted. My long-term goal with my footbag blog is to get at least 5 years of documentation. 5 years of footbag as I near, and cross, the 50-year-old barrier. 
Best wishes, best of luck, best of shred, best of everything… Here’s wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous 2011! 

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