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Happy Holidays Everyone! The audio track on this video is a radio segment produced by Lauren Sanguinet, a Mizzou J-School student, for KBIA News. I added the video. Thanks Lauren!
It’s wintertime in Columbia MO US. I’m kicking indoors, in my Secret Hideout. That means no video of my sessions for now. But I’ll still keep you up to date. I’ve put in 3 sessions at the hideout since my last post. 
Dec. 2: OH GOD MY BACK! I worked late, then hopped on my bike to ride home and get my footbag stuff. When I got home, and got off my bike, my back was suddenly killing me! No fair!
But I hadn’t gotten an opportunity to kick since I caught wind of the Shred Global BSOS competition, and I was determined to get something on tape for it. So, in more pain than I’ve been in for months, I spent a half hour – my first winter season’s use of the Secret Hideout – filming for my BSOS combo. I also couldn’t resist a little more promotion of MOvember: a dorky guy-centric corollary to the PINK campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer. MOvember is intended to raise awareness of cancers (prostate, testicular) affecting men.
Unfortunately, Shred Global doesn’t give a shit that I have such limited kicking opportunities. I missed the submission deadline. So I posted my combo directly on YouTube instead. The official competition results have now been announced and posted. I figure my combo would have taken next to last place anyway; my combo was a common 4-3-4 (difficulty rating) set. The winning combo had more than twice the difficulty rating. 
Dec. 9: My back is feeling better, but still a little tender. My camera has run out of tape, but I’m able to capture video directly to my computer in the secret hideout. I try to limit tape usage to 10-15 mins per session, but direct to hard drive really lowers the barrier. No time wasted on ingest, no cost for tape. I was trying to hit something for Shred Global’s 2nd competition: LUNS for Link of Unusuals. I captured over an hour of video during my 1.5 hour session, but… couldn’t hit shit. DELETE! that session is wiped from my hard drive. No tape wasted.
Dec. 16: For over 2 months now, I’ve woken up every Thursday – my one opportunity per week to play footbag – with sciatica. Back pains that radiate down my leg, causing phantom knee, ankle, and foot pain. It’s starting to piss me off. Why can’t I feel good on a footbag day? If God is trying to tell me something, I’m decidedly not taking the hint. Down in the Secret Hideout, I set up the camera and computer once again, and went at it. Another 1.5 hour session, and this time I hit a couple LUNS combos for the competition. They’re still lame; what I’ve got will probably win me next to last place. But at least I’ll have it submitted before the deadline, and actually be in the competition. Other highlights of the session were easy (for a change) drifters and blenders.
It is so near the end of the year! I think I have 1, maybe 2 more footbag sessions left. With the 3.5 hours during the last 3 sessions, my total for the year is 68.5 hours. Just one more hour-and-a-half session, and I’ll hit 70 hours for the year! I think I can do it, and that’s freaking awesome, for me. 
Thanks for tuning in! 

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