Hackus Interruptus

Long time, no blog. (As if anyone reads this crap anyway. It’s still here for posterity’s sake.) I’ve just been really darned busy. I spent the summer cutting out of work to play footbag, and now, I’m paying for it.
It was way colder, and windier, than it should have been. Predicted high 66, and Sanborn Field claims that’s the case, but I didn’t feel the love. One of those days that’s a tiny bit too cold to go shirtless, but just warm enough that the shirt still gets sweaty. I hate wearing shirts when I kick. I need a better wardrobe.
I was only about 20 minutes into my session, and had spent some of that time chatting with, and getting some of the Movember supporters to try kicking, when the asian power hacker guy showed up. He’s pretty good at it, and it’s usually fun to kick with him for a bit. I’d rather see him than Trevor the footbag eater. But today, he wouldn’t leave despite the fact that he kept complaining about his knee hurting. And another guy showed up, and wouldn’t leave either.
I was into the power kicking thing for an hour or so, but I eventually strained my hamstring and lost my enthusiasm. And yet, it went on, and on, for another hour. Poor Mutt took a terrible beating today; this probably cut that footbag’s life in half. Sometimes, it’s difficult to be nice to hackers when what I really want to do is freestyle. I like the “solo” aspect of footbag freestyle. It suits my antisocial nature just fine.
When they finally left, I was fried. I tried getting into the groove, but it just didn’t work. 15-20mph wind gusts didn’t help much, either. After the most excellent w00t session during Cory’s visit, this was definitely a depressing low. And that, on what is probably the last chance I’ll get to kick outdoors until springtime.
My ankle is still bothering me, too. I really screwed something up in there, and am still having trouble cranking to the inside. And it really is a footbag injury, because it doesn’t seem to bother me any other time. Usually, my pains and injuries melt away when I start kicking. This is different.
I spent 3-1/2 hours out there today. But not nearly enough of it was my normal solo freestyle. Now I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how much of that time should really go towards my footbag goal. This is probably conservative, but I’m calling it 1:20. Add that to Cory’s visit session and the Student Center session before that, and it’s another 4:20 hours towards my annual total.
Thats… 63 hours of footbag so far this year. YES, I DID IT! I’ve exceeded the 60 hour goal I set for this year. And I’ve still got 8 weeks left.  Not that I’ll get to kick that much as the weather turns lousy. I still don’t have a decent indoor place to kick. I actually checked on the Secret Hideout tonight, and it’s still there and I can still get in and nothing has changed. But it sucks I can’t make videos there.
Anyway, thanks for tuning in!

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