2010 Late Season Bonus Outdoor Session

Today, I got what I think is one of the best compliments I’ve gotten in years. A couple guys were hanging out, one with a camera, filming me some, and asking me questions. The other guy (in the background on the concrete wall in yellow and red) said, “I think he’s one of the 10 most awesome spirits in Columbia.” Wow… Thanks!
I started off doing an interview with a student for a Journalism class project. I love being a subject of J-school student projects! That had me pretty stoked, and I started out the session fairly strong. Not technically, but choreography-wise. Technically, I started slow, figuring I was gonna be out there for 2 solid hours (which I was). I felt good, but just didn’t have any stamina today. Even the short 20+ contact rally in the video left me gasping for air, needing to recover for a minute. I’ve usually got more juice in me than that.
Good news is, my ankle didn’t seem to bother me at all for the first time since I hurt it several weeks ago.
The end of the session sucked tho. I was worn out and struggling anyway, and the rude “bible science theater” guy shows up. Unlike all the other circle preachers who respect my presence and will politely ask for their turn, this jerk just walks right into the center of the circle and starts talking (and he’s gotten himself a mini PA system now) without so much as acknowledging my presence. None of the students like the guy much either (they love bantering with the other preachers).
So I spent another 15 minutes blaring my boombox and, quite literally, kicking circles around him. By the time I was done returning the “favor” he was pretty much directing half his sermon straight at me despite the fact that I was off to the side, not in front. I guess I finally got his attention.
Next time he does it (might not be ’till next spring), I’m going to tell him point blank he’s being extremely rude, and ask him to acknowledge my presence and request the circle, instead of just barging in. If he can’t muster the decency to do that, well, I’ve got some really loud, raunchy songs in my music library. And I’ll just shred right in front of the dude, too. Maybe bounce the footbag off him a couple times.
Oh, I’m up to 65 hours. w00t!

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