Time to Blow a Lace

Last week, I was thinking I might blow off this week’s session. But weather this nice cannot be denied!
It was one of the busiest sessions I’ve ever had: Peeps giving away coupons to Cool Stuff, a chance for a gift certificate fromCentralMO.com, the torched dorm room was there again.  It seemed like everyone wanted to stop and talk to me, ask me questions. I even gave away one of my “spare” footbags that I carry for just such an occasion. The dude was Jonesing for a bag, so I said, “Here, have this one.” It was some 32 panel footbag that I never used that I think someone else gave to me.
The journalism students that did an interview with me on Wednesday came out with their cameras and took some footage of me kicking. Good luck with your story peeps!
Maybe the best thing about the session was meeting Collin, a fellow footbag player who wants to learn some tricks and get into it. And, he wants a really nice footbag like my Abshire bags. We’re already hooked up on Facebook. Looking forward to some kicking sessions dude!
Last week I spoke of injuries and ailments, even predicting a scrub of this week’s session due to my ankle. But the ankle was OK this week. It was my back – the sciatica – that nearly took me out. It hasn’t bothered me this much for years. The shooting pains down the leg, weakness in knee, tingling in the toes; all signs that my back is really, REALLY messed up. It hampered my whole session, right up to the end.
But, for the last 20 minutes or so, after everyone else had left and I realized I didn’t have much on tape, I cranked up the effort to get a decent rally recorded. In that last 20 minutes, I hit it really hard, tried a few torques, and… totally blew through the sciatica! Ever since the end of that session, my sciatica has hardly bothered me at all. Body Repair – by Footbag. Yay!
I was there for well over 2 hours, but with all the commotion, kicking with others, and stopping to talk to people, I’ll call it 1:40 for the day. 56:00 total for the year. Almost there!
Thanks for tuning in!

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