Friday Footbag Fun

I got rained out last week. Then drove to Oklahoma and back over the weekend. Then pulled a couple half all-nighters for work. And then still had to work even more through my usual Thursday session time.
But… the “Big Event” I was working towards went off well. When it was done, my work was done for the week. FOOTBAG SESSION TIME!
I got some good variety in this rally: both torques, a blender, and a drifter; 28 3’s, 3 4’s, plus the rest. I’ll take that.
I really should start cataloging all the stuff I get playing footbag on Speaker Circle. People there are giving away things all the time: shirts, lemonade, cupcakes, hugs; and for this session, +1 Brazen for the and Maneater guys for summarily dumping their products in the middle of all my stuff. Hook me right up without interrupting my session. Thanks!
Trevor even showed up and kicked for a bit. But I ended up tweaking my ankle while I was kicking with him, and it was a session-ender. When I tried to solo style again, it hurt to crank my ankle in for a cross-body stall. Final Stat: an hour and a half. 52:40 total. Sweet deal!
Thanks for tuning in,


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