Class Change Chaos

Please meet my 2 new footbags: prissy and mutt! And, a little class change chaos.
I shall speak of physical ailments today: bad back, causing sciatica in hip, knee, and down leg; and a still-tweaked left ankle, causing more pain and some inability to crank left inside stalls. I was hoping my ankle would be fine this week. Not so. Not nearly as bad as last week, but still a cause for concern. I may need to take a week off to let it heal a little more. Then again, if the weather is OK, I’ll suffer almost anything for a footbag session.
Overall I had a great time. The students, as always, are awesome to have around! I had some really nice rallies, although I never did hit my torques or blenders. I’ll blame the absence of torques on the ankle, but the missing blenders? D’oh! Shoulda tried more of those. And less of the less-than-flattering serve form.
Had to give it up to the injuries at 1:40 today. Still, I’m within 6 hours of my annual goal. Less than a half hour a week required! Even with winter weather moving in, I think I’ll be able to swing that.
1:40/54:20 – Thanks for tuning in!

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