Speaker Circle is Open, and Students are Back!

Aside from nearly getting sick in the middle of the session (when I moved to the shade), it was… a ho-hum session. I realize I’ve gotten spoiled by kicking in building shade all summer. But the students definitely add a little pizzazz to the mix, eh? One of the ladies even stopped to try a hack.
I still haven’t been able to recover the w00t factor from a few weeks ago when I was averaging minute-long rallies at City Hall. What I did get on tape was barely 20 seconds a pop. On the upside, I’ve been pushing the drifters, torques, and blenders, and getting at least some reward for it. But it would be really nice if I could keep the damn bag off the ground, too.
At least as a small bonus, a couple guys came by and kicked with me for a bit at the end of my session. They were totally stoked, and will probably be meeting me for some kicking sessions.
MU classes start Monday (Aug. 23rd). I probably won’t be able to pull off a daytime session this week, because I support a lot of technology equipment on campus. I’ll be a human pinball here for a couple of weeks as technology gets shaken down with classes.
But I’m definitely planning a daytime session for my birthday – August 31st – if weather cooperates. Hopefully a circle full of students will inspire me to shred it up!
2:00/47:00 – Thanks for tuning in!

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