New Venue – MU Student Center

School is back in session! Can’t resist daytime kicking on campus:

…Or, getting sunburnt. Yeah, In addition to missing torques and blenders, I forgot the sunscreen too.
Early on in the session, I got a whole crowd of students around me. And, turned in one really good rally for them. It’s kinda funny that everyone has video cameras in their phones now. Other people get more video of me than I do with my old-school, MinDV-based Handycam. I should probably do more searching for other people posting clips of me kicking.
I also got at least one other dude that stopped and kicked with me for a bit, and 2 others asking how much longer I would be out there (sorry, I was fried already). But, I told them all I’ve got a Speakers Circle date for my birthday next Tuesday, hoping to start early, around 9am. And, I’m gonna bring the sunscreen. Hopefully they’ll be able to find me there.
Not much else to report, but I’m looking forward to using this new venue when it’s sunny, but chilly. South-facing, sheltered by a big building to the north, tons of student traffic. w00t!
1:30/48:30 – Thanks for tuning in!

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