Some Days, Gravity Wins

What’s short, and ugly?

My rallies in this week’s footbag session! Not so sure what’s up, but I was way off my game. Ironically, I got more props from passers by that I’ve ever gotten before. Go figure, but that’s the way it works.
Maybe I’m just bummed because another World Footbag Championship is passing me by. Good luck, good skill, and good fun to all competitors! Wish I was there.
In other news, the Speakers Circle reconstruction is nearly complete. It should just be another week or so before it opens back up. At first it looked like it was being rebuilt exactly the same as before, but now I can say it’s actually quite different. Before, the area outside of the main circle was all paved in brick. The reconstruction is all concrete. Only a few token sections of highlight brickwork remain. That’s OK with me, the concrete is smoother and has better grip than brick. It actually gives me a much bigger prime playing surface. I’m checking every day now, determined to be the first “freak show” to happen at the new circle. Look for an inaugural New Speaker Circle video soon!
2:00/42:00 Thanks for tuning in!

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