I Name It Hack-Key Sculpture

I skipped the blog last week, just posted the video. I’m sure you were crushed, but rest assured the new City Hall venue Rocks!
Two minutes, 80+ total contacts, over 70 2+ add contacts. Had a great time, caught this on tape. Average taped rally length almost a full minute tonight. Snagged a few gawkers, got a few hollers from cars.
It is midyear, and I’m definitely ahead on my goals. 2:00 last week, 2:22 (just ’cause) this week, 35:22 total for the year so far. If I can keep nailing 2-hour sessions most weeks, I’ll have this thing cooked.
Speaking of sessions, Speakers Circle is currently being reconstructed. It appears to be getting put back exactly like it was before. My goal is to be the first freak show when they re-open it. I’ve gotta beat Jeb & Crew and stake out my turf! But until then, and afterwards, I’ll keep coming back to City Hall. It rocks for footbag!
Thanks for tuning in!