City Hall Saturation

I promised I wouldn’t use this song again for awhile, but… it was the only good rally I got on tape!

This week’s session was a “return to normal” experience for me. Average rally length back to the typical 20-30 seconds, etc. This was the only halfway decent rally I got on tape. Sometimes it just takes Weapon of Choice to make the difference, I guess. Long live Fatboy Slim!
I was visited upon by some former co-workers (that live out of town) too. I didn’t recognize them at first. Awkward!!! But… you’ve got to understand:
1) I’m not wearing my glasses when I kick. I couldn’t recognize anyone from 20 feet away.
2) Freestyling takes an incredible amount of focus and concentration, and shutting out the rest of the world is a valuable skill for competition and public performances.
2) The part of my brain that recognizes faces – never good to begin with – just gets shut off during footbag.
4) Losing myself in the activity is the goal!
My greatest “recognition FAIL” happened on Stankowski Field a couple years ago. Some guy came by and said he was interested in putting me on his website. Carl Edwards. I think I asked him his name twice (he took off his sunglasses the 2nd time) before I realized it was THE Carl Edwards – our local famous racing homeboy. D’oh! I’m not on his website.
So if you happen to run across me playing footbag, please don’t be offended if I don’t recognize you right away. I’ve got to pull myself out of the footbag tunnel, and re-launch my facial recognition wetware, first. It might take a minute.
2:08/37:30 – Thanks for tuning in!

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