Lovez teh new Columbia MO City Hall!

In front of the new City Hall for the first time!
Wow what an incredible session tonight! I had the longest rally I’ve had in years. Sorry it’s not on tape, but I still represented tonight.  Average on my taped rallies tonight is about 50 seconds, and I swear that one monster rally was close to 5 minutes. I started towards the end of one song, went the entire next song, and got 1:20 into the third song.
I almost hate to admit it, but I really like the keyhole sculpture / obelisk thingy. The area I’m seen kicking in seems very spacious, is mostly level, and the surface is some kind of glassetized concrete that has excellent grip properties. Plus, I can do stuff like figure-8’s through the keyhole, and bust out in front or off to the side every so often. It’s definitely a high-visibility venue too; I got a few people stopping by to say Hi, another contact with another Journalism student, honks and waves from drivers, and compliments from some pedestrians. Not bad for an evening’s hack session.
I was very skeptical just looking, but after kicking there, I’m totally in love with the new City Hall entrance, and plan do regular sessions there. The first session was certainly a success: 2.5 hours tonight, 33 hrs for the year!
Thanks for tuning in!

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