Lovez teh new Columbia MO City Hall!

In front of the new City Hall for the first time!
Wow what an incredible session tonight! I had the longest rally I’ve had in years. Sorry it’s not on tape, but I still represented tonight.  Average on my taped rallies tonight is about 50 seconds, and I swear that one monster rally was close to 5 minutes. I started towards the end of one song, went the entire next song, and got 1:20 into the third song.
I almost hate to admit it, but I really like the keyhole sculpture / obelisk thingy. The area I’m seen kicking in seems very spacious, is mostly level, and the surface is some kind of glassetized concrete that has excellent grip properties. Plus, I can do stuff like figure-8’s through the keyhole, and bust out in front or off to the side every so often. It’s definitely a high-visibility venue too; I got a few people stopping by to say Hi, another contact with another Journalism student, honks and waves from drivers, and compliments from some pedestrians. Not bad for an evening’s hack session.
I was very skeptical just looking, but after kicking there, I’m totally in love with the new City Hall entrance, and plan do regular sessions there. The first session was certainly a success: 2.5 hours tonight, 33 hrs for the year!
Thanks for tuning in!

Stankowski Field 2010 Session II

Another great session this week on Stankowski field! Too bad the video doesn’t represent…

I’ve changed my filming strategy just a bit the last couple of sessions. I was usually recording 3 rallies in a row, kinda when I felt like it. Now, I’m recording just the first rally, starting at the beginning of each new song. It ends up being about the same amount of recording (15 mins over 2 hours) but it sure feels different. There’s tons more pressure to “present,” and when that one rally sucks, well, it really sucks.
A dream of mine is to get a single rally for an entire song on tape, and send that to the artist. Fat chance of that though; my average rally is less than 30 seconds, and the average song is 4-5 minutes. Still, always good to dream, eh? If I keep at it, I might get lucky and pull one off.
Most of the time, there’s a clear winner for the “best rally on tape” that I post for the session. But sometimes, it’s tough to decide. Do I go with the 29-contact rally with a good add ratio and a couple torques, or the much longer 60+ contact rally with the much lower add ratio? OK, yeah, I’ll usually post the shorter one with the higher add ratio.
I’m past the halfway point for my footbag goals. Another 2 hour session Thursday, for a total of 30:30 for the year. Yee-haw! I’m staying healthy and having a great time.
Thanks for tuning in!