Windy day on Speakers Circle

And to think I almost scrubbed this session because it was so windy…

I’ve never felt so un-affected by the wind before. I guess I’ve just gotten used to it? I won’t claim to have been shredding the high add stuff (although I did hit my torques, blenders, and a paradox whirl) but it sure felt good. I was keeping the bag off the ground, and gettin creazy with the dance hacky stuff. I like it that way!
Both Pandora and fail me again, insisting on feeding me ambient and slow stuff, when I want the rockin funky beat for footbag. I swear I’ve never favorited or recommended any of the tunes I get when I select “my recommended” station. That feature is really just a corporate sales tool. Speaking of which, I really need some new stuff for my own library too. Just not the crap is trying to sell me. In the meantime, I hope Timbuk 3 is obscure enough; I don’t think I’ve posted a video using that tune before now.
I only got in 1:45 before my muscles started cramping up this time. I was really going hard at it the whole time, but I can usually make it past 2 hours. What’s up with that? Oh well. I think I need to drink less coffee, and eat more bananas. Still not bad considering I was only planning to do an hour in the wind.
The sad part is, this may be one of my last Speaker Circle sessions for a while. The area will be closed off and torn up in a couple more weeks to install new chilled water lines. Once they shut the place down, it may be next spring before I can kick there again. I hope they don’t change / ruin it when they put it back together. I think the circle is just right the way it is. When the semester is over, and the circle is closed off, I’m planning to switch back to evening sessions on Stankowski field. The field has lights; I can kick after dark!
25:05 – Thanks for tuning in!

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