Footbag after Speaker Circle

Speaker Circle is GONE. Completely destroyed.

Man…. 23 days since my last post. That suxorz. Of course 4 days of that was because I forgot my camera at a friend’s place south of town when I went there after my session last Thursday. Just remember: only users lose cameras.
I was WAY ahead on my kicking goal, but now, I’m just barely ahead. I’ve been busy with work, family, and stupid distractions, and ended up missing 2 weeks in a row. In that time, the chilled water pipe construction project on Speaker Circle has begun. I won’t be kicking there this summer, and I have no idea how it will be reconstructed when they finish. My first “after speaker circle” session is in Walnut Street park in downtown “The District” Columbia MO.
The session was barely an hour, and kinda shaky at that. At least I managed to get a pair of torques (one sealed) on tape. Boo-yah! I’m just worried that the destruction of Speaker Circle will sap my enthusiasm to kick. So my plan is to do a “tour of Columbia” thing this summer; each week a different spot. It’s just weird acclimating to new kicking venues. I’ll be trying out the new area in front of our new City Hall soon. Maybe I’ll even get video of being chased off.
I will be posting another article a student did on me for an assignment soon. So stay tuned!

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