Sweet Speaker Circle Session

w00t! I woke up feeling good this morning, weather’s gorgeous, it’s 4/20 – time for some footbag!

71 contacts on this one (I think). I had some crazy awesome rallies today – like hitting both torques and both blenders without a drop, and just keeping the bag off the ground for a few. This is more like the springtime shredding I’ve been imagining!
I got down there early. Public performers know how intense turf competition can be. I stakez out my spot!  I started off listening to Pandora, but was disappointed by it, and then Last.fm too. Oh well. Back to my personal library, I guess. It’s always good for some jamz! A couple other guys came by and kicked with me for a bit, too. After almost 2-1/2 hours, my legs were cramping up on me, and I was ‘saved’ (from over-shredding) by Mr. Bible Science Theater guy.
23:20 total, and a great time on Speaker Circle today!

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