Night and Windy 9th and Walnut

Got a late start on a very windy day. Had to find some light! Stankowski wasn’t available, so I tried another old haunt, the park at 9th and Walnut.

A couple people I know stopped by to say hi, and another guy I never met before stopped and hacked for a bit. I wasn’t getting squat going on the shredding; I will blame the poor lighting, and the wind. But… I had a great time hamming it up for passers-by, getting a few people to stop and check me out for a bit.
Now for  the heartbreaking news: I apparently lost one of my footbags! I had been breaking in 2 Abshire bags, and had been developing a bit of a preference for this one. I swear I’m so careful, always making sure I’ve got my footbags before I leave! I swear I double and triple checked to make sure I had them. But, my footbag was missing the next morning. Sad Face!
I don’t even know how long I played. I forgot to check my watch at the start. I’m calling it an hour twenty, for 19 total hours this year.
Thanks for tuning in!

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