Sweet Speaker Circle Session

w00t! I woke up feeling good this morning, weather’s gorgeous, it’s 4/20 – time for some footbag!

71 contacts on this one (I think). I had some crazy awesome rallies today – like hitting both torques and both blenders without a drop, and just keeping the bag off the ground for a few. This is more like the springtime shredding I’ve been imagining!
I got down there early. Public performers know how intense turf competition can be. I stakez out my spot!  I started off listening to Pandora, but was disappointed by it, and then Last.fm too. Oh well. Back to my personal library, I guess. It’s always good for some jamz! A couple other guys came by and kicked with me for a bit, too. After almost 2-1/2 hours, my legs were cramping up on me, and I was ‘saved’ (from over-shredding) by Mr. Bible Science Theater guy.
23:20 total, and a great time on Speaker Circle today!

Astroturf 2010

Holocaust victim reading in speaker circle today. 6,000,000 names. Sad face. Kicked without music around the circle for a bit, then tested Stankowski field for the first time this year.

It’s been a great spring so far. Lots of good weather. I drilled some garden seeds the first warm weekend in early March; those puppies sprouted and are growing like crazy! I dream of springtime bringing out my shred, but…
Not so. Maybe this time it was being discombobulated from the Speaker Circle thing, having to go somewhere else. Maybe it was the wind again. But I’m still really struggling to ratchet up the shred factor. Am I really that old? (don’t answer that).
2:00/21:00 Thanks for tuning in!

Night and Windy 9th and Walnut

Got a late start on a very windy day. Had to find some light! Stankowski wasn’t available, so I tried another old haunt, the park at 9th and Walnut.

A couple people I know stopped by to say hi, and another guy I never met before stopped and hacked for a bit. I wasn’t getting squat going on the shredding; I will blame the poor lighting, and the wind. But… I had a great time hamming it up for passers-by, getting a few people to stop and check me out for a bit.
Now for  the heartbreaking news: I apparently lost one of my footbags! I had been breaking in 2 Abshire bags, and had been developing a bit of a preference for this one. I swear I’m so careful, always making sure I’ve got my footbags before I leave! I swear I double and triple checked to make sure I had them. But, my footbag was missing the next morning. Sad Face!
I don’t even know how long I played. I forgot to check my watch at the start. I’m calling it an hour twenty, for 19 total hours this year.
Thanks for tuning in!