Hacking for the Blood Drive

Awesome sunny spring day on Speaker Circle!

The big MU Blood Drive is going on this week, and today they had a big tent set up and tables and all in the middle of speaker circle. I had to kick off to the side. Good deal, had a great time. I got this 43-contact rally on tape, and had a couple even better rallies off camera.
Two solid hours out there today. Forgot the sunscreen again, I’m fried! Physically, mentally, and on top of my bald head. It’s kinda funny sometimes, people will tell me I’m the best hacker they’ve ever seen, and I’ve got to admit there are guys out there that make me look like I got broken legs. “There are guys that can go around the bag twice or more for every time I can do it once.” I say. They’re usually less than half my age, too.
Sessions will be irregular for now, happening whenever I can get a nice day. But I’ll be sure to vid and blah about it.
Thanks for tuning in!

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