Carnival Day on Speakers Circle

“It’s like a carnival out here today!” one girl said.

Free Tunes and T-Shirts from KCOU 88.1 FM, Free Coffee and Hot Chocolate from Silver Screen promoting their upcomfing Film Festival, Free Cookies from one of the fraternities, and students from SustainMIzzou wearing veggie outfits and collecting donations to supply poverty stricken people with local farm produce. Not only that, a Tweet-out from DJ Z when he came by the circle.

I was actually a little off my game today. I just couldn’t get the difficulty thing going. But I did have some really fun long-ish rallies (not on tape), and managed to pull off a couple torques, blenders, drifters, and paradox whirls (but not in the same rally, and not on tape either), plus all the usual stuff. I’ve also got a couple guys that are stopping by to kick with me, and interested in learning some moves. sw33t!
What I lacked in technical difficulty, I made up for in stamina. I put in well over 2-1/2 hours out there in the sunshine. Plus, I remembered the sunscreen this time. The top of my head may be saved from another scorching. All in all, another footbag blessing and a great time hacking on Speaker Circle. And the background jiggy-dance from the passing student? Priceless!
17:40 – Thanks for tuning in!

Hacking for the Blood Drive

Awesome sunny spring day on Speaker Circle!

The big MU Blood Drive is going on this week, and today they had a big tent set up and tables and all in the middle of speaker circle. I had to kick off to the side. Good deal, had a great time. I got this 43-contact rally on tape, and had a couple even better rallies off camera.
Two solid hours out there today. Forgot the sunscreen again, I’m fried! Physically, mentally, and on top of my bald head. It’s kinda funny sometimes, people will tell me I’m the best hacker they’ve ever seen, and I’ve got to admit there are guys out there that make me look like I got broken legs. “There are guys that can go around the bag twice or more for every time I can do it once.” I say. They’re usually less than half my age, too.
Sessions will be irregular for now, happening whenever I can get a nice day. But I’ll be sure to vid and blah about it.
Thanks for tuning in!

Hackman Blooms on Speaker Circle

Springtime is finally here – I can say less, and show more!
Presenting the first outdoor session of 2010, complete with as-promised “first rally” – plus more! Teh h4x0r is s0 plz w/weath0rz!
I definitely didn’t realize the camera was rolling when the student from the Missourian caught me for some questions. One of their photographers was there, and The Maneater was there snaping shots too. I had a couple awesome rallies today, got some genuine props from the audience, put in an hour and a half, and best of all, I’m “marking my territory” by the first of all the speaker circle freaks to bloom!
Thanks so much to the peeps that hung out and watched today – l0v3z teh energies!
Thanks for tuning in, hope there’s more outdoor next week!