I need a haircut!

I keep my hair buzzed in the summer, but I let it grow in the winter to cut down on dandruff. It better get warm soon… look at this stuff!

Definitely a better session than last week. I got a late start, and figured I could only do 1:15. But then I decided I was just gonna keep kicking until the janitors showed up. They never did. I finally quit at 1:45. I almost pushed it to a full 2 hours, but… I still had to make a CO- double F- double E- Filter run. Drug addiction (caffeine in this case) is not always a pretty thing.
The important part is, I felt more motivated, pushed myself a little harder. I definitely worked up much more of a sweat tonight than last week. I still can’t seem to do much in the consistency department; my best guiltless string was a whopping 24. Oh boy. I’m gonna blame the floor. Tile. Dirty. Slick. If only I could be there right after the janitors, not before. But I started really strong tonight, got a little mojo working, and had a good time. And slick floors make me more (painfully) aware of my (lack of) balance.
In the music department, tonight it was Pandora that was lame, and Last.fm that was rocking the house. Either way, I love internet radio!
I’ve got a better start on my time goal this year than ever before. I like how my body feels after pushing myself longer. I’m so looking forward to 2-hour sessions in the warm sunshine at Speakers Circle! Speaking of which, fuck that goddamned groundhog. I’m gonna get at least one outdoor session in February. I believe in global warming more than a dirt-digging rodent.
Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

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