Another blog post – more of the same

Actually, NOT! Early in the session, I was feeling the groove, getting my funky chicken style going just a bit. First time that’s happened in a few. I counted a 22 contact guiltless run early on, too. But it seemed like my energy level was down a little. I spent more time going back to the radio, jumping to the next song (gawd I love being able to do that with internet radio!), pacing between rallies, stuff like that.

Then I kinda hit a lull in the middle. I was planning to do 1:30 tonight. In the last 15 minutes, I decided to try counting guiltless strings again. I swear almost every string was either 14, 17, or 19 contacts. Damn! I only broke 20 once! I was so pissed about it, I kept hammering away past quitting time. But persistence paid, and I finally busted out with a 34 contact guiltless run. Best counted rally of the year so far!
I also hit a pair of torques and a pair of paradox whirls in other ‘clean’ guiltless strings. Still getting the Drifter mojo too, and I hit a few decent blenders. I even got all cocky and tried a couple blurs; I’ll be damned if they didn’t end up being decent ripwalks instead. WTF – where did those come from? My right side whirl was back from vacation too. Furthermore, I made a small breakthrough in my juggling. I finally stopped looking at my feet and focused on the apex of the bag flight instead, just like in hand juggling. Much better! Of course I still stink; I think my best was a mere 5 contacts. But changing my focus sure made it seem easier, like there really is a chance I can get better.
Still jonesing for that first outdoor session. In my mind, it will be glorious! In reality, it will probably be windy and disappointing. Whatever. I promise to post my first outdoor rally of 2010. Even if it does suck. For now, another 1:45. I considered pushing it to and even 2:00 tonight; the janitor schedules have changed so I’ve got plenty of time. But I got what I wanted, and I do have to go to work tomorrow.
Next session won’t be until Thursday next week. Until then, thanks for tuning in!

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