A Solid Winter Session

Another 1:45 at the Secret Hideout tonight. It’s definitely the most solid session yet this year. Consistent energy level, consistent and reasonably dense difficulty level, hit everything I was looking to hit. But that whirl on the right side… WTF? Why were you so hard tonight? At least my drifters were coming easy, and I was hitting some torques, including a pair in a single rally.

Remind me, I need to wash my bags. I meant to do that after last week’s session, but forgot. Still seeming like a slow-go on the simultaneous break-in of 2 bags, and my feeble attempt at learning juggling is, well, feeble. But a good washing will help. The poor things have hardly ever seen the outdoors, but with snow, salt, sodium chloride, and mud everywhere, the floor where I’m kicking is still filthy.
Despite the solidness of the session, all I’m doing is counting contacts and watching the clock. Tonight’s best guiltless was again 24, but I only had to count 4 or 5 rallies to get that. I’m putting in the time, putting in the effort, but I’m not escaping. I’m not losing myself in the game. That’s typical of indoor winter sessions. I dream of the warm summer days again, kicking on Speaker Circle. It will come, but not nearly soon enough. Last week’s insistence that I’ll get an outdoor session in Feb. looks like a pipe dream.
When summer does come, I want to be ready. I want to be conditioned, mind and body. I’m pumped about the longer sessions. Already at 3.5 hrs for the month, and that mental and physical conditioning for going that long consistently is important.
When I read other footbag player’s blogs, I feel kinda silly being excited about hitting drifters and whirls. Everyone else is doing pixie gyro this and atomic leggy that. My only consolation is to wait and see what others are doing near their 30-year career point. I’ve been saying I’ve been kicking for “almost 30 years” for a couple years now; technically I’ve got a little over a year before I officially hit that milestone. That’s one of my immediate goals – to actually make it to the 30-year mark and still be styling. At my age, almost any injury or health problem could take me out. NOT what I want.
Oh, and yes I did get a haircut, and trimmed the megastash. Thanks for tuning in!

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