A Day Late, a Contact Short

I started the session WAY late last night; I got distracted by something shiny, had other business to attend to, etc. Starting at 10:40pm, I told myself. “Just the minimum 1:15. Maybe just an hour even.” I’m ahead on my time goals, and I ended up on foot and walked about 15km two days earlier. My shins were sore and tight. I could slack a little, couldn’t I?

Plans, meet addiction. Since I was figuring on a short session, I hit it hard from the get-go. And I was having a great time, feeling the music, hitting the groove. As long as I wasn’t counting guiltless contacts, that is. Just doing the hacky-dance thing, pushing the energy level but paying no attention to add counts, I was playing smooth and keeping the bag off the ground.
So it went – for the first hour. Then I decided to go for the guiltless strings. As good as I felt, surely I could hit a 20+ contact rally in the last 15 minutes. Bzzzzt! Almost 40 minutes later, my best was 19. My average was… I ain’t telling. Yikes! And now it was 12:20 in the morning. I was fried. I gave up. Some days, gravity wins.
Still, I’m amazed at how sore I’m not after a session like that. My muscles feel good. Too bad my knees don’t agree.
Not much else to say, except I’m dreaming of the day I can be the symbol of spring, and bloom on Speaker Circle. Long range weather forecast says I’m screwed, but… they’ve been wrong before. I’m jonesing to get the video fired up again. Speaking of video, don’t miss this little clip from the Vegas Jam!
11:40 in 2010 so far. Thanks for tuning in!

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