A Day Late, a Contact Short

I started the session WAY late last night; I got distracted by something shiny, had other business to attend to, etc. Starting at 10:40pm, I told myself. “Just the minimum 1:15. Maybe just an hour even.” I’m ahead on my time goals, and I ended up on foot and walked about 15km two days earlier. My shins were sore and tight. I could slack a little, couldn’t I?

Plans, meet addiction. Since I was figuring on a short session, I hit it hard from the get-go. And I was having a great time, feeling the music, hitting the groove. As long as I wasn’t counting guiltless contacts, that is. Just doing the hacky-dance thing, pushing the energy level but paying no attention to add counts, I was playing smooth and keeping the bag off the ground.
So it went – for the first hour. Then I decided to go for the guiltless strings. As good as I felt, surely I could hit a 20+ contact rally in the last 15 minutes. Bzzzzt! Almost 40 minutes later, my best was 19. My average was… I ain’t telling. Yikes! And now it was 12:20 in the morning. I was fried. I gave up. Some days, gravity wins.
Still, I’m amazed at how sore I’m not after a session like that. My muscles feel good. Too bad my knees don’t agree.
Not much else to say, except I’m dreaming of the day I can be the symbol of spring, and bloom on Speaker Circle. Long range weather forecast says I’m screwed, but… they’ve been wrong before. I’m jonesing to get the video fired up again. Speaking of video, don’t miss this little clip from the Vegas Jam!
11:40 in 2010 so far. Thanks for tuning in!

Another blog post – more of the same

Actually, NOT! Early in the session, I was feeling the groove, getting my funky chicken style going just a bit. First time that’s happened in a few. I counted a 22 contact guiltless run early on, too. But it seemed like my energy level was down a little. I spent more time going back to the radio, jumping to the next song (gawd I love being able to do that with internet radio!), pacing between rallies, stuff like that.

Then I kinda hit a lull in the middle. I was planning to do 1:30 tonight. In the last 15 minutes, I decided to try counting guiltless strings again. I swear almost every string was either 14, 17, or 19 contacts. Damn! I only broke 20 once! I was so pissed about it, I kept hammering away past quitting time. But persistence paid, and I finally busted out with a 34 contact guiltless run. Best counted rally of the year so far!
I also hit a pair of torques and a pair of paradox whirls in other ‘clean’ guiltless strings. Still getting the Drifter mojo too, and I hit a few decent blenders. I even got all cocky and tried a couple blurs; I’ll be damned if they didn’t end up being decent ripwalks instead. WTF – where did those come from? My right side whirl was back from vacation too. Furthermore, I made a small breakthrough in my juggling. I finally stopped looking at my feet and focused on the apex of the bag flight instead, just like in hand juggling. Much better! Of course I still stink; I think my best was a mere 5 contacts. But changing my focus sure made it seem easier, like there really is a chance I can get better.
Still jonesing for that first outdoor session. In my mind, it will be glorious! In reality, it will probably be windy and disappointing. Whatever. I promise to post my first outdoor rally of 2010. Even if it does suck. For now, another 1:45. I considered pushing it to and even 2:00 tonight; the janitor schedules have changed so I’ve got plenty of time. But I got what I wanted, and I do have to go to work tomorrow.
Next session won’t be until Thursday next week. Until then, thanks for tuning in!

A Solid Winter Session

Another 1:45 at the Secret Hideout tonight. It’s definitely the most solid session yet this year. Consistent energy level, consistent and reasonably dense difficulty level, hit everything I was looking to hit. But that whirl on the right side… WTF? Why were you so hard tonight? At least my drifters were coming easy, and I was hitting some torques, including a pair in a single rally.

Remind me, I need to wash my bags. I meant to do that after last week’s session, but forgot. Still seeming like a slow-go on the simultaneous break-in of 2 bags, and my feeble attempt at learning juggling is, well, feeble. But a good washing will help. The poor things have hardly ever seen the outdoors, but with snow, salt, sodium chloride, and mud everywhere, the floor where I’m kicking is still filthy.
Despite the solidness of the session, all I’m doing is counting contacts and watching the clock. Tonight’s best guiltless was again 24, but I only had to count 4 or 5 rallies to get that. I’m putting in the time, putting in the effort, but I’m not escaping. I’m not losing myself in the game. That’s typical of indoor winter sessions. I dream of the warm summer days again, kicking on Speaker Circle. It will come, but not nearly soon enough. Last week’s insistence that I’ll get an outdoor session in Feb. looks like a pipe dream.
When summer does come, I want to be ready. I want to be conditioned, mind and body. I’m pumped about the longer sessions. Already at 3.5 hrs for the month, and that mental and physical conditioning for going that long consistently is important.
When I read other footbag player’s blogs, I feel kinda silly being excited about hitting drifters and whirls. Everyone else is doing pixie gyro this and atomic leggy that. My only consolation is to wait and see what others are doing near their 30-year career point. I’ve been saying I’ve been kicking for “almost 30 years” for a couple years now; technically I’ve got a little over a year before I officially hit that milestone. That’s one of my immediate goals – to actually make it to the 30-year mark and still be styling. At my age, almost any injury or health problem could take me out. NOT what I want.
Oh, and yes I did get a haircut, and trimmed the megastash. Thanks for tuning in!

I need a haircut!

I keep my hair buzzed in the summer, but I let it grow in the winter to cut down on dandruff. It better get warm soon… look at this stuff!

Definitely a better session than last week. I got a late start, and figured I could only do 1:15. But then I decided I was just gonna keep kicking until the janitors showed up. They never did. I finally quit at 1:45. I almost pushed it to a full 2 hours, but… I still had to make a CO- double F- double E- Filter run. Drug addiction (caffeine in this case) is not always a pretty thing.
The important part is, I felt more motivated, pushed myself a little harder. I definitely worked up much more of a sweat tonight than last week. I still can’t seem to do much in the consistency department; my best guiltless string was a whopping 24. Oh boy. I’m gonna blame the floor. Tile. Dirty. Slick. If only I could be there right after the janitors, not before. But I started really strong tonight, got a little mojo working, and had a good time. And slick floors make me more (painfully) aware of my (lack of) balance.
In the music department, tonight it was Pandora that was lame, and Last.fm that was rocking the house. Either way, I love internet radio!
I’ve got a better start on my time goal this year than ever before. I like how my body feels after pushing myself longer. I’m so looking forward to 2-hour sessions in the warm sunshine at Speakers Circle! Speaking of which, fuck that goddamned groundhog. I’m gonna get at least one outdoor session in February. I believe in global warming more than a dirt-digging rodent.
Until next time, thanks for tuning in!