Twenty Ten and I’m at it again!

Just a quick post to log my footbag time: 1:30 in the secret hideout. After 3 weeks off, and beating up my body having fun with my backyard sled run, it definitely wasn’t the best of sessions. I was stuck firmly in the 1-2 add zone. I hit my 3’s and 4’s, but I think my longest guiltless string was 5 or 6 contacts. Ouch.

With my new goal of 60 hours this year, I’ve upped my “minimum” session time from 1 hour to 1:15, and am trying to hit at least 1:30 per session. I’m still looking for a legitimate place to play in the winter though, and there’s a good chance I’ll only get an hour at a time. I’ll be glad when I can do 2-hour sessions in the warm sunshine again.
Thanks for tuning in!

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