Pushing through midwinter blues

Budget cuts – we haz them! My secret hideout used to be open until 8pm, but budget cuts scaled that back to 5pm. Or so I thought. Turns out something else moved in to fill the void, and I still can’t access the secret hideout before 8pm. What’s worse, I got caught by the cleaning crew which shows up at 10:15. They SCARED the SHIT out of me!

The good thing is, the janitors are usually really cool people. They’re working at night, on hard times themselves, the last thing they want to do is cause other people trouble. A little respect goes a long way. I think my secret is still safe for now, but I’ve got this window between about 8:10 and 10:05 to be in, do my thing, and be out. I’ve given up on trying to find a legitimate place to kick this winter. I just can’t afford it.
It was a dark and stormy ni… wait, no, wrong profession… It was a crappy, uninspired session. I’m rather irked at Last.fm; it seems like every time I tune into my station, it’s all different, but not in a good way. A few weeks ago, it went from Fatboy Slim / Chemical Romance / Other Funky Stuff to lame Easy Listening crap. Tonight it was all Ambient tempo stuff. That worked OK for a while, but the beat started getting monotonous. Good thing there’s more than one of those internet radio stations. Pandora seems as true as ever to the kind of music I like to kick to.
But what about footbag? you ask. Oh yeah, that. What this blog post is supposed to be about. When I can’t get into the groove, I’m reduced to bean counting. I needed 1:45 to make “par” for the month (5 hours) and that’s what I did. I managed to hit at least one of all my usual moves, but certainly not in a single rally. I’m working hardest to re-integrate drifters into my strings. I like drifters.
I don’t take my camera to the secret hideout, because I can’t really post the video. Not being able to post the video makes me not care about the blog; I blew it off last week. I might just start taking it and filming anyway, because I like being able to go review and count rally contacts after the fact. I hate counting contacts while I’m kicking; it turns me into a bean counter instead of a freestyler. But I did spend the last 30 minutes of the session counting guiltless contact strings. My best was 20. My average was probably 6 or 7 (In nearly 30 minutes of trying). In a good session, I can double that. Bleh…
I’m still working on the dual footbag break-in. I kick with each one for about 10 minutes, then switch. Both my Abshire bags are sweet, but subtly different. And since I’m doing this, I’ve decided to practice juggling just a bit – at least once per session. I never really got the hang of it back in the day, and I quite frankly still suck at toe delays. But the practice seems to be paying off, because I actually got a few rounds on each foot tonight. It would be nice to have just a little of that for next summer’s Speaker Circle sessions. Kinda like pendulums and probes; not that hard, but a crowd-pleaser.
That’s it for now. Thanks for tuning in!

Twenty Ten and I’m at it again!

Just a quick post to log my footbag time: 1:30 in the secret hideout. After 3 weeks off, and beating up my body having fun with my backyard sled run, it definitely wasn’t the best of sessions. I was stuck firmly in the 1-2 add zone. I hit my 3’s and 4’s, but I think my longest guiltless string was 5 or 6 contacts. Ouch.

With my new goal of 60 hours this year, I’ve upped my “minimum” session time from 1 hour to 1:15, and am trying to hit at least 1:30 per session. I’m still looking for a legitimate place to play in the winter though, and there’s a good chance I’ll only get an hour at a time. I’ll be glad when I can do 2-hour sessions in the warm sunshine again.
Thanks for tuning in!