Indoor filming session

Just a quick note: Nick wanted to get just a little more filming for his project. Of course the amazing 5-week streak of balmy weather has finally turned to BITTER WINDY COLD! No prob, Nick got me into the Student Rec center. I had a great time kicking in a handball court (Walls!) and beside some of the basketball courts. Nick conned a couple guys into kicking with me, I laid down a sufficiently jaw-dropping rally in front of a crowd of students, and put in another hour!

57 hours down, 3 more weeks to hit 60. Time to pull out that can of Scheme-O-Matic…
Nick’s project is due today. Next post should be the final product. I’d like to thank Nick for his interest, dedication, energy, and enthusiasm in creating a documentary on my involvement in footbag. I can’t wait!
Thanks for tuning in!

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