Hacky Circle Breaks Out at Shred Session

A journalism student with a deadline. Cool but dry weather. No appointments at work. Three strikes, and I’m out… playing footbag!


Two very unusual things happened today. First, a hacky circle broke out! A couple of the people that hang around the circle sometimes decided to hack in. Within 10 minutes, we had a huge 7-8 person circle that lasted nearly an hour. I played center. Just about everyone was busting out some kind of move – delays, fliers, someone almost hit an around the world, and we had several official “hacks.” Sweet! My speaker circle shred sessions may never be the same again.
The other thing, my daughter showed up and joined the circle. First time for that. I’ve never pushed my kids to do footbag, but I’ll certainly welcome them into a circle! Thanks for coming out and joining me silly beans
I didn’t get any video of the circle though. What I do have on tape is *ahem* OK. A longer-ish rally that starts out saucy but winds up cheesy with just a hint of meat in the broth. Why is it always a food comparison? And exactly how do I ‘score’ the kicking time playing pivot man in a circle? I sure hurt like solo shred time. I was out there for an hour and a half, I’m gonna call it an hour. I believe that puts me at 49:25 – only 35 minutes shy of my annual goal. Target, you are in my sights.
Thanks for tuning in!