I have achieved my kicking goal!

Yeeee-Haw! Another awesome session on Speaker Circle Friday afternoon! No camera this time – I promised my son he could use it. But there were at least 4 other people with cameras taking video of me, so there’s still video out there *somewhere*.

Wind! And lots of it for this session. The wind brings back powerful memories of Kenny Shults at the World Footbag Championships back in the late 80’s / early ’90s when it was still held at the Colorado School of Mines fields in Golden, CO US. The singles freestyle finals had gotten underway – outdoors – but a mountain storm was rolling in and the wind was picking up. Just as Kenny got started with his routine, the wind started whipping like crazy. And I mean CRAZY.
Ken’s near-flawless performance that day, in what had to be 25+MPH wind gusts, remains one of the most jaw-dropping footbag feats I’ve ever witnessed. The man was every bit as crazy as the wind; like to the Underdog tune: “Speed of Lightning! Roar of Thunder! Kenny’s foot, it WILL get under, the footbag… THE FOOTBAG!” The judging panel was a sea of whipping hair framing stone-still faces with popping eyes and gaping jaws. Kenny just blew us all away.
Then the freestyle got moved indoors and everyone had to do their routines over again. So anticlimactic.
I, too, matched crazy with crazy for this windy session. Not quite like Kenny back then, but I was definitely having a good time! Lots of props from the students, with several of them filming a rally or two.
And perhaps the most important news? I’ve achieved my annual (50 hours) kicking goal! With a 1:20 session, that puts me at 50:45 for the year. Yay! Can I achieve 55 hours in the next 6 weeks?
Thanks for tuning in!

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