But wait – there’s MORE outdoor!

Dang I’m getting lucky – another beautiful November day for kicking at Speaker Circle!

Yeah, the video is kinda lame, but I had an awesome time! Today’s camera work was shoddy, with me accidentally filming as much of me taking breaks and drinking water as playing footbag. D’oh! But that might tell you just how much fun I was having. There were a few times I got so deep in the groove, when I finally dropped the bag, I couldn’t remember how long the rally was. Probably not really all that long, but… Oh, that feeling!
And I got my pair of torques* again today (*not on film. darn). Can’t miss those!
I started a bit late – about 11:45 – and of course conflicted with Jed, one of the circle preachers who showed up minutes behind me. He was nice enough to let me kick for an hour, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I feel like I could have done two! Still, I had another photographer shooting stills, answered some questions for another student, did an impromptu video spot for a clean energy campaign, and talked to another student about being the subject of a more in-depth documentary.
I hung around and talked to a couple people after Jed took the circle. When I finally took off, some of the students disrupted him to send me off with props. Thanks everyone!
1:00 / 51:45 – Thanks for tuning in!

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