Story filming has started

Just a quick note – I met with an MU Journalism student at Speaker Circle today. He’s working up a story on me and my involvement with footbag. I don’t have any video of the session, because his roommate had his camera and was MIA (Tigers did win last night -PARTY!). So he used my camera, and took the tape to ingest.

It was definitely an “off” session for me, I had a lot of trouble getting anything going. But a good videographer can fix that, eh? He seemed really excited about some of the shots he got. If work isn’t too crazy tomorrow, I’m going to try to meet him at the circle again, with his HD camera next time. Let’s hope we can pull it off.
One more hour – 54:45 for the year. Thanks for tuning in!

Bonus Outdoor – Amazing Number Four!

OMG – it’s the rarest of “Funky Chicken” footbag videos ever: I’m. Wearing. A. SHIRT!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging about my footbag experiences for over a year now. I was kicking outdoors on Stankowski Field just before Thanksgiving 2008. This is part of why I started my footbag blog. Now I can see the pressure of posting videos has actually improved the add ratio of my rallies (marginally) during that time. W00T! I’ll take that. Other tidbits: my average rally length for posted videos is still only about 30 contacts. The “single best rally of the session” approach of my videos, while quick and easy, is getting a bit boring. I might have to mix it up a bit. But… Gawd I love playing footbag freestyle!
It was chilly enough I had to put on a shirt. Crazy! Old timers know this: I’ve almost never worn a shirt when I kick. They just get saturated with sweat and get in the way of the footbag. But I make compromises to kick. At my age, every session is a gift. That I can still do this, that I am still doing this, brings so much joy to my heart. Posting vids of barely 2-add ratio runs seems lame compared to today’s freestyle monsters. I’ve got 2 broken legs compared to Vasek, the young punk, or Davidson, a hardcore shredder almost my age. But… whatever. If “most fun” counts, I’m still in the running.
I enjoy kicking more today than I ever have. Retirement – whatever the heck that means – suits me well. My time, my focus, my goals, my results. The terror of the judge’s table has faded away, leaving only the sheer joy of kicking. I may be declining in technical ability, but I’m still getting better at choreography. That’s what I want, and I’m happy.
One more note about the circle preachers. A couple of younger guys were out there today. I spent the first 40 minutes kicking nearby, waiting for them to leave. When they moved aside and sat down, I checked to see if they were done with the circle. Yes. But then one of the guys changed his mind and wanted to preach some more. He finally compromised by kicking with me and preaching to me for over 20 minutes. Bless his heart, he was actually pretty good with the basics! I’m trying really hard to establish a good relationship with these people; my access to Speaker “Hacky” Circle depends on it. Things are going well with them so far.
Oh, one last thing: 2:15 out there today. I kept kicking until my legs started cramping. Minus the time I spent circle kicking with the preacher and another guy, I’m calling this session 2 hours even. 53:45 for the year. How close to 60 can I get?
Thanks for tuning in!

But wait – there’s MORE outdoor!

Dang I’m getting lucky – another beautiful November day for kicking at Speaker Circle!

Yeah, the video is kinda lame, but I had an awesome time! Today’s camera work was shoddy, with me accidentally filming as much of me taking breaks and drinking water as playing footbag. D’oh! But that might tell you just how much fun I was having. There were a few times I got so deep in the groove, when I finally dropped the bag, I couldn’t remember how long the rally was. Probably not really all that long, but… Oh, that feeling!
And I got my pair of torques* again today (*not on film. darn). Can’t miss those!
I started a bit late – about 11:45 – and of course conflicted with Jed, one of the circle preachers who showed up minutes behind me. He was nice enough to let me kick for an hour, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I feel like I could have done two! Still, I had another photographer shooting stills, answered some questions for another student, did an impromptu video spot for a clean energy campaign, and talked to another student about being the subject of a more in-depth documentary.
I hung around and talked to a couple people after Jed took the circle. When I finally took off, some of the students disrupted him to send me off with props. Thanks everyone!
1:00 / 51:45 – Thanks for tuning in!

I have achieved my kicking goal!

Yeeee-Haw! Another awesome session on Speaker Circle Friday afternoon! No camera this time – I promised my son he could use it. But there were at least 4 other people with cameras taking video of me, so there’s still video out there *somewhere*.

Wind! And lots of it for this session. The wind brings back powerful memories of Kenny Shults at the World Footbag Championships back in the late 80’s / early ’90s when it was still held at the Colorado School of Mines fields in Golden, CO US. The singles freestyle finals had gotten underway – outdoors – but a mountain storm was rolling in and the wind was picking up. Just as Kenny got started with his routine, the wind started whipping like crazy. And I mean CRAZY.
Ken’s near-flawless performance that day, in what had to be 25+MPH wind gusts, remains one of the most jaw-dropping footbag feats I’ve ever witnessed. The man was every bit as crazy as the wind; like to the Underdog tune: “Speed of Lightning! Roar of Thunder! Kenny’s foot, it WILL get under, the footbag… THE FOOTBAG!” The judging panel was a sea of whipping hair framing stone-still faces with popping eyes and gaping jaws. Kenny just blew us all away.
Then the freestyle got moved indoors and everyone had to do their routines over again. So anticlimactic.
I, too, matched crazy with crazy for this windy session. Not quite like Kenny back then, but I was definitely having a good time! Lots of props from the students, with several of them filming a rally or two.
And perhaps the most important news? I’ve achieved my annual (50 hours) kicking goal! With a 1:20 session, that puts me at 50:45 for the year. Yay! Can I achieve 55 hours in the next 6 weeks?
Thanks for tuning in!