The Secret Hideout Season

I spent 2 weeks pretending summer wasn’t over, and refusing to go indoors. With continued rain and cold, I had to face reality. It was a nice summer. 

The “thump” of the door lock responding to my passcode deep underground was music to my ears. Hello, secret hideout. I’m glad you’re here. I forget how nice the amenities are: bathrooms nearby and chest-high shelves for water, boom box, towel; high ceilings and plenty of light …and heat! It’s a shame this place has to be kept secret.
Without the camera, I could make up lots of stories. But technically, this session stank, stunk, we’re talking skunk roadkill. Should I blame the hard shoulder pointer I took from my bike gooseneck when I slipped carrying it up the stairs in the morning? Or maybe the unexplained lower back pain that came in the afternoon? How about… just being plain old, ugly, and haven’t kicked for a couple weeks?
In the absence of torques, what does one do? Go crazy with the dance hacking thing! I dialed straight into Fatboy Slim’s Why Try Harder, and proceeded to jam out an hour ten. I also worked on breaking in my new Abshire bags just a bit. I’m really liking the blue/purple one. Unfortunately, my iPod’s battery seems to have taken a hit from it’s recent laundering. The screen is perfectly back to normal now, but It was fully charged in the morning, yet it died at 11:05pm that night, ending my session.
I’m really bummed I can’t do my usual video blog. I’m looking for a legitimate place to kick, but with little money and a limited schedule, it’s tough. But I’m not giving up just yet. And I might get brave enough to live broadcast for a few minutes. That might be fun!
Thanks for tuning in!

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