My last outdoor session of the year?

Cool, cloudy days are so perfect for kicking! No shadows, no blinding glimpses of the sun, and I think the more monochromatic lighting improves my vision. It was crowded on Speaker Circle today too, with Mizzouwear vendors to the left and to the right.

Sorry about the lousy soundrack this time. My boombox was low on juice, but the guys at the tent were kind enough to provide some jamz from a Macbook Pro and some portable speakers. Not optimum, but it did the job for the first hour or so. Thanks guys!
Then the preacher guy shows up. He just walks into the center of the circle and starts his thing, regardless of what else is going on (including a footbag rally!). Several students urged me to “play around him” so I did. Not close, but I managed 2+ laps around the outside of the circle, stopping and doing little shred ditties here and there, without a drop. sw33t!
This was, after all, likely the last outdoor session of the year. I wasn’t gonna stop till I dropped – my whole me, not just the footbag. And a +1 bonus for covering all my old “bases” today: drifters, blenders, whirls, paradox whirls, and torques – on both sides. Until my legs started cramping. 1:45 today, 46:55 for the year. I’ll take that.
With the preacher still yammering on as I packed up and headed off, one of the students told me, “You’re the only one that comes out here that makes any sense.” All I do is crank up the jamz and hack my little heart out. If that’s what it takes to keep it real, I’m happy to help.
Thanks for tuning in!

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