Total Elapsed Burn Time

So the fire department dumped a mock dorm room on speaker circle, and torched it. Total elapsed burn time 1:35. Holy smokes! I had to move over…

I’m so bummed I didn’t have Talking Head’s “Burning down the house” on my iPod. And I couldn’t get a good enough wireless signal out there to play it off the internet. Oh, what I would give for a 1:35 long rally to that song in front of a burnt-out dorm room! Too bad it’s still just a dream, eh?
Then again, my total “burn time” was 2:05 – one of the longest sessions of the year so far. After last week’s calf cramps at 1:20, I busted into the bananas. This week: no cramps, felt strong the whole session! Note to self: Duh!
Curious thing: there were a couple of other hacks in use in the area when I got to the circle today. Have I started something? Not sure. After I was done with my session, I hacked in to a circle for a bit: “Hey, aren’t you the hacky guy?” “Shhhh! Don’t blow my cover. I’m infiltrating….” I still love hacking in circles too. I had a great time, and met some cool students. They were all talking about how they had rocked some tests that day. Awesome! 
44 hrs in, with 14 weeks to go. Send good weather vibes if you can. Thanks for tuning in!

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