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Super sweet session on campus today! Students were clapping and hooting and hollering for me – ENERGY!

I think I found my missing moves. They’re buried under a layer of fat I’ve accumulated. I wasn’t exactly busting out the phat, but at least I got a showing from some of my stuff. I got some long-ish rallies too. It’s amazing how much focus a group of spectators can give me.
This is the most spectator involvement I’ve ever gotten at Speakers Circle. I set my stuff up, then announced myself from the center of the circle. “I hope it’s OK with everyone if I play my radio,” I said.
“Turn it up!” they called back. Awesome! Some even moved in for closer seats. Thanks so much to everyone at the circle today for giving me props – that was an awesome session! I’m definitely planning to make the Thursday late morning session on speakers circle a regular thing – if I can – until the weather tanks.
1:30/38:50 Thanks for tuning in!

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