More Speaker Circle Jams

Another freaking awesome time on Speakers Circle! Today’s session is dedicated to “free hugs” people at the circle (I got mine – thank you!), with a dishonorable mention to the Antlers recruiting campaign You guys are hilarious!

Now on to business: 40+ contacts and a barely sealed torque. From a “Crazy old man” no less…
Kicking at Speakers Circle around lunchtime is the ultimate w00t! More Circle! I’m gonna keep coming back as long as I can. Exposure, some props, and interesting random encounters, like today with the Antler recruiters. And yes, I’m very actively cultivating the “Crazy old man” thing – thank you for noticing! End result? A ton of fun and another 1:45 of kicking time. Gotta love that!
Thanks for tuning in!

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