Total Elapsed Burn Time

So the fire department dumped a mock dorm room on speaker circle, and torched it. Total elapsed burn time 1:35. Holy smokes! I had to move over…

I’m so bummed I didn’t have Talking Head’s “Burning down the house” on my iPod. And I couldn’t get a good enough wireless signal out there to play it off the internet. Oh, what I would give for a 1:35 long rally to that song in front of a burnt-out dorm room! Too bad it’s still just a dream, eh?
Then again, my total “burn time” was 2:05 – one of the longest sessions of the year so far. After last week’s calf cramps at 1:20, I busted into the bananas. This week: no cramps, felt strong the whole session! Note to self: Duh!
Curious thing: there were a couple of other hacks in use in the area when I got to the circle today. Have I started something? Not sure. After I was done with my session, I hacked in to a circle for a bit: “Hey, aren’t you the hacky guy?” “Shhhh! Don’t blow my cover. I’m infiltrating….” I still love hacking in circles too. I had a great time, and met some cool students. They were all talking about how they had rocked some tests that day. Awesome! 
44 hrs in, with 14 weeks to go. Send good weather vibes if you can. Thanks for tuning in!

Media Day

Way late getting to my blog entry! Not because I’m just blowing it off, either. I’ve been busy, or letting a kid use my computer. At least I got the video itself posted Thursday night. And the lag time between that and this blog will give me some data on how many of my “hits” come directly from YouTube, and how many come from my twitter/facebook feeds.
I called this “Media Day” becuase there were 2 media people out covering me: A photographer from the Columbia Missourian came out to shoot photos as a follow-up for an interview I did for a story; plus another journalism student with a video camera shooting and doing a story on me for a class project – complete with interview.
One of the points I made with the journalists is that I’m hoping to spend several years journaling the aging process on a footbag player. Ironically, I must try very hard not to blather on about health issues in my blog, because what whining I can’t resist is probably more than enough to bore the audience.
The health tidbit I can’t resist sharing today is the difference in the recovery process between kicking earlier in the day like I’ve been doing for the last 3 weeks, and kicking later in the day. I only kick once a week, but when I do I push myself hard. This session was stopped by sudden calf cramps at an hour twenty. It usually takes me a few days to recover from a session.
But so far, I have found that kicking earlier in the day, and then pushing myself to keep moving through the rest of the day, has greatly reduced the amount of muscle soreness afterwards. I feel like I’m recovering faster. I feel good. It will be interesting to see what happens when I have to go back to eveneings.
41:55 – Thanks for tuning in!

More Speaker Circle Jams

Another freaking awesome time on Speakers Circle! Today’s session is dedicated to “free hugs” people at the circle (I got mine – thank you!), with a dishonorable mention to the Antlers recruiting campaign You guys are hilarious!

Now on to business: 40+ contacts and a barely sealed torque. From a “Crazy old man” no less…
Kicking at Speakers Circle around lunchtime is the ultimate w00t! More Circle! I’m gonna keep coming back as long as I can. Exposure, some props, and interesting random encounters, like today with the Antler recruiters. And yes, I’m very actively cultivating the “Crazy old man” thing – thank you for noticing! End result? A ton of fun and another 1:45 of kicking time. Gotta love that!
Thanks for tuning in!

sw33t c1rcl3 s3ss10n

Super sweet session on campus today! Students were clapping and hooting and hollering for me – ENERGY!

I think I found my missing moves. They’re buried under a layer of fat I’ve accumulated. I wasn’t exactly busting out the phat, but at least I got a showing from some of my stuff. I got some long-ish rallies too. It’s amazing how much focus a group of spectators can give me.
This is the most spectator involvement I’ve ever gotten at Speakers Circle. I set my stuff up, then announced myself from the center of the circle. “I hope it’s OK with everyone if I play my radio,” I said.
“Turn it up!” they called back. Awesome! Some even moved in for closer seats. Thanks so much to everyone at the circle today for giving me props – that was an awesome session! I’m definitely planning to make the Thursday late morning session on speakers circle a regular thing – if I can – until the weather tanks.
1:30/38:50 Thanks for tuning in!