Skool is in Session

Yay! The students are back! I love having an audience!

Technically, it wasn’t the greatest session. I’m still missing torques, drifters, blenders, etc. – I have no idea where they went. But the crowd is always a joy! I got in some really funky footbag dance-hacking, had a few really long rallies, and garnered a few props from the audience. My iPod Touch even gets good enough wireless at the Circle that I can kick live to my library. Sw33t! The best on tape is kinda lame
…but – I had a great time! I’m planning to do more mid-day sessions on Speakers Circle as classes ramp up and the summer winds down. The early session was certainly a smart choice today – I kicked in sunshine, but it’s raining right now during my “normal” kicking time.
I’m still thinking about live broadcasting a kicking session on UStream as well. Gotta find out if my laptop gets good enough wireless for that.
Thanks for tuning in!

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