Skool is in Session

Yay! The students are back! I love having an audience!

Technically, it wasn’t the greatest session. I’m still missing torques, drifters, blenders, etc. – I have no idea where they went. But the crowd is always a joy! I got in some really funky footbag dance-hacking, had a few really long rallies, and garnered a few props from the audience. My iPod Touch even gets good enough wireless at the Circle that I can kick live to my library. Sw33t! The best on tape is kinda lame
…but – I had a great time! I’m planning to do more mid-day sessions on Speakers Circle as classes ramp up and the summer winds down. The early session was certainly a smart choice today – I kicked in sunshine, but it’s raining right now during my “normal” kicking time.
I’m still thinking about live broadcasting a kicking session on UStream as well. Gotta find out if my laptop gets good enough wireless for that.
Thanks for tuning in!

Waning Summer

Uh-oh, it’s the first time I’ve just blown off post-processing of my footbag blog. Bad boy! Better late than never though, so here it is…

One of the reasons for blowing off the video might be that I had trouble putting together any 3+ add strings this session. But, I might have made up for it in fun. I know I’m over-using Fatboy Slim‘s “Weapon of Choice”, and I swear this is the last time I’ll use it for a while, but this was far and away the best rally I got on tape:
Still putting in the time, too. 36 hours for the year so far – I’m 5 weeks ahead of par. Loving the kicking this year!
Thanks for tuning in!

Bicycle License Plates

One argument commonly heard from motorists who complain about the presence of bicyclists on the roadways, is that they do not have license plates for identification like cars do. OK. Here’s my answer to that…


8″x5″, 5/8″ orange diamond-grade border, white engineer-grade background, 2-5/8″ tall blue engineer-grade lettering. Cross references to Columbia Missouri USA city bike license E-5209.
Jump those through your fiery hoops and smoke them.

On the turf, off the mark

Dang, I sure had trouble keeping the bag off the ground this session! Excuses? Windy, over-ate yesterday, blah blah blah. Who cares? The important thing is, I had no problems keeping the spirit in the air. Overall, a great session, even if I did keep asking “Where’s my Paradox Whirls?”

A bonus walk-on act at the end too!

I think I’ve got 2 more weeks on Stankowski Field before school starts and flag football leagues book the fields. Then again, I might just enjoy a few afternoon sessions on Speakers Circle once school starts.
And, a shout out to DJ Z for recording the mixcasts I was kicking to tonight. You’ve gotta slide on over an get some. It’s great stuff for funking it up with the hacky sack!
1:10/34:40 – Thanks for tuning in!