Son of New Stankowski

Confirmed: I can “pack down” a small circle on the new Stankowski Field Mondo Turf. I also really felt the ‘softness’ of the field for the first time. I can definitely get a little farther off-balance and still hit some moves. Good… or Not? My ankles say, “Yes!” (until the start of semester, when the fields will book with flag football and soccer.) No matter, I alwaz luv Speakers Circle too!

BTW: Did you know Stankowski has been ringed with wireless radios? That gives me thoughts of a live session cast…
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy tonight’s video: complete with a little sillyness, new Abshire bags (w00t!), and a 44-contact rally that at least started out strong!
h4x354x0r h4z b33n uzng Abshire bags for several years, and iz very pleezd! And my 2 nu 1nz r0x0rz! Thanks Richard!
Next week: A special session with fellow Hall of Famer Scott Davidson, The High Enlightener! I’m looking forwards to a Chicago Street Festival, Live Music, and Blades!
Thanks for tuning in!

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