Passing the Halfway Mark

First, some numbers: 1:20 tonight – right into the fading light. My time total stands at 28 hours so far this year. That means I’ve more than made up for lost sessions, and I’m ahead of my goal! I’ve earned myself some time off from kicking. But don’t expect me to take it just yet; I’m simply having too much fun.

There’s not much to say about tonight’s session. I got started a little late due to moonlighting work on a database project. I hate it when that happens! But, oh well. I’m still struggling on my timing and choreography, and my add ratio and rally length too. I’m doing it, I’m enjoying it, but I’m lacking those flashes of brilliance and ‘lost in the footbag’ moments. I did have a few good rallies tonight, but the best I got on tape was at best average, and shot near the end of my session:
Thanks for tuning in!