Enlightenment in Chicago

This week is an extra special footbag session. Many thanks to the Family for humoring my footag addiction during vacation!
The family is having a great time in Chicago, visiting the major tourist attractions here. Just to add some icing to the cake, we met up with Scott and Val at Navy Pier to get in a shred session. Every time I watch The Enlightener kick, I’m just stunned: phenomenal variety, intricacy, and linking, with a unique spinny-twirly style that greatly pleases the h4x354x0r!
Scott even inspired me to hit a combo I haven’t hit in years! (sorry not on tape) What we did get on tape was late in the session, and it was getting dark, so… sorry for the slightly blurry, artificially brightened video. The tunes weren’t real strong, either; Scott’s audio system got the job done but it doesn’t match my 8 D-cell overkill boombox. Still, it was a special treat to get to kick with old friends!
Next week: back home – Stankowski, Speakers Circle, wherever. I’m still building up some bonus time for the year too; with an hour last night and 1:20 the week before, I’m sporting 33 hrs total for the year.
Thanks for tuning in!

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