A tribute to Micheal Jackson

“Do you play soccer?” – a common question during a footbag session.

No, but… I’ve sure gotten myself addicted to caffeine! I’m guzzling like 4 big cups a day. Today, I only had one. Ouch. But… for as dead-dog tired as I felt heading out for this session, I sure cut through an hour and a half of solo styling like a hot knife through butter! I guess Ted Nugent *is* a viable substitute for caffeine.
I’ve never been a big Michael Jackson fan. Mostly, I have developed my opinions of him based on the crazy media hype of some of his more bizarre antics. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve come to appreciate his talent playing guitar, and only since his death that I’ve realized how talented he was as a choreographer. I really didn’t know he did all his own choreography. So just to get in on the craze of tributes, here’s the best I can do – kicking to Fatboy Slim’s Micheal Jackson:
Stankowski field, BTW, is finished! they are cleaning up and taking the fencing down today. This may be the last session at Speakers Circle for a while. I can’t wait to try out the new Mondo Turf. But I couldn’t leave Speakers Circle without one more little video post – a nice run of infinities!
I’ll blog at you next week – thanks for tuning in!