Enlightenment in Chicago

This week is an extra special footbag session. Many thanks to the Family for humoring my footag addiction during vacation!
The family is having a great time in Chicago, visiting the major tourist attractions here. Just to add some icing to the cake, we met up with Scott and Val at Navy Pier to get in a shred session. Every time I watch The Enlightener kick, I’m just stunned: phenomenal variety, intricacy, and linking, with a unique spinny-twirly style that greatly pleases the h4x354x0r!
Scott even inspired me to hit a combo I haven’t hit in years! (sorry not on tape) What we did get on tape was late in the session, and it was getting dark, so… sorry for the slightly blurry, artificially brightened video. The tunes weren’t real strong, either; Scott’s audio system got the job done but it doesn’t match my 8 D-cell overkill boombox. Still, it was a special treat to get to kick with old friends!
Next week: back home – Stankowski, Speakers Circle, wherever. I’m still building up some bonus time for the year too; with an hour last night and 1:20 the week before, I’m sporting 33 hrs total for the year.
Thanks for tuning in!

Son of New Stankowski

Confirmed: I can “pack down” a small circle on the new Stankowski Field Mondo Turf. I also really felt the ‘softness’ of the field for the first time. I can definitely get a little farther off-balance and still hit some moves. Good… or Not? My ankles say, “Yes!” (until the start of semester, when the fields will book with flag football and soccer.) No matter, I alwaz luv Speakers Circle too!

BTW: Did you know Stankowski has been ringed with wireless radios? That gives me thoughts of a live session cast…
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy tonight’s video: complete with a little sillyness, new Abshire bags (w00t!), and a 44-contact rally that at least started out strong!
h4x354x0r h4z b33n uzng Abshire bags for several years, and iz very pleezd! And my 2 nu 1nz r0x0rz! Thanks Richard!
Next week: A special session with fellow Hall of Famer Scott Davidson, The High Enlightener! I’m looking forwards to a Chicago Street Festival, Live Music, and Blades!
Thanks for tuning in!

New Stankowski Review

The makers of Mondo Turf NAILED the feeling of real grass: soft, lumpy, and uneven. Instead of having padding underneath the actual turf, the turf fibers are much longer, and sand and then ground up rubber are worked down into the fibers on top of the mat that the fibers come out of. The fill is squishy and uneven, just like real ground, and the rubber granules are loose. I ended up with about a dozen of the granules in my shoes after a 1:10 solo session.

I’m not sure I like it, but I’m not sure I don’t like it either. I’m going back for more next week. It seems like I kinda packed down and evened out the one spot I kicked in the most. I expect the turf filling will settle in a bit; it might get better. It wasn’t bad enough that I felt in any danger of rolling an ankle or anything like that, and… it’s still much gentler on my body than concrete!
I know awesome cats like Peter Irish can jam on lumpy, uneven ground without any apparent problems, but I can’t. I was struggling to keep add strings together. Still having a ton of fun, though! And I couldn’t resist getting a little silly with the video this week.
Fatboy Slim ruled the rally roost again tonight, and my new iPod Touch shuffle-delivered my favorite kicking tune: Weapon of Choice. Christopher Walken is just so cool in that video! I wish I could choreograph my freestyle more like the moves he does in the video. Maybe someday.
Next week, I’m planning on another session at Stankowski Field. I think I’ll get used to the surface, or it will get used to me. Then, the following week is a special treat: a trip to Chicago to kick with The High Enlightener Scott Davidson! The day I stop kicking, I think he will be able to claim the title of oldest regularly practicing freestyler. And with an add-ratio-to-age ratio that I can’t touch. I’m going to deny him that title as long as I can!
BTW – 30:40 For the year so far. Thanks for tuning in!

A tribute to Micheal Jackson

“Do you play soccer?” – a common question during a footbag session.

No, but… I’ve sure gotten myself addicted to caffeine! I’m guzzling like 4 big cups a day. Today, I only had one. Ouch. But… for as dead-dog tired as I felt heading out for this session, I sure cut through an hour and a half of solo styling like a hot knife through butter! I guess Ted Nugent *is* a viable substitute for caffeine.
I’ve never been a big Michael Jackson fan. Mostly, I have developed my opinions of him based on the crazy media hype of some of his more bizarre antics. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve come to appreciate his talent playing guitar, and only since his death that I’ve realized how talented he was as a choreographer. I really didn’t know he did all his own choreography. So just to get in on the craze of tributes, here’s the best I can do – kicking to Fatboy Slim’s Micheal Jackson:
Stankowski field, BTW, is finished! they are cleaning up and taking the fencing down today. This may be the last session at Speakers Circle for a while. I can’t wait to try out the new Mondo Turf. But I couldn’t leave Speakers Circle without one more little video post – a nice run of infinities!
I’ll blog at you next week – thanks for tuning in!